St Vincent interviews David on her Mixtape Delivery Radio show on Apple Music 02-09-2015

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“Pride and Compassion..might be best described as if Chris Isaak was female and creating moody electro pop ballads for David Lynch (though the latter could easily pass for a Bond theme) and the dancier Tell Me Why which has shades of Visage’s Fade To Grey mingling with St.Etienne. Jenny’s voice is dark and rich... her timbre conjuring up a deep yearning, while the music swirls around in textures that suggest David’s newfound affinity for rhapsody has soaked into his pop sensibilities too. Although not as yet commercially available, the tracks, along with a video for Tell Me Why, can be found on their website. Do yourself a favour and, as Ewan McGregor once said, choose life."

Editorial, Roots & Branches, May 2015

"Having spent a couple of years trying to track her down, I’ve finally made contact with Jenny …Whose outstanding debut remains one of the finest unreleased albums ever recorded …The good news is that she and former musical partner David  (now a contemporary classical composer) have reconnected, with both agreeing that there remains unfinished business and have been making music again”

Mike Davies, March 2015

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